Jason Bourne

Three films about Jason Bourne for three days – three of a film about Jason Bourne. I remember when a volley looked first two films, before the third was a half months. Agonizing suspense and the new series went to cheer. John Smith is a great source of information. Pleasant meeting with an old friend, realistic fights, intrigue, etc. – Then it really was the right thing. But now, watching movies one by one, I realized that they were the same type in their design.

In each series, we get the standard set and without any innovation – a sure minus the director, who became a craftsman, rather than the creator of the new. Chase as if lifted from the same script, only different machines. In each series, there is someone who tending Bourne leads, closes, and women in this plan more intelligent and obedient than men. In each series, Bourne confronts tough man-killer, which is different from the other only slightly greater survivability. Continue in this spirit can be long. For this reason to treat with caution the 4th film of the series. Of interesting to note that Doug Liman directed the first film only, and then he only produced other films – the classic scheme of Hollywood (most glaring example – George Lucas and his "Star Wars"). A couple of screenshots that there is something a PC: I read the interesting facts about the film on Kinopoiske, learned a lot, like about Filipino combat system machetes – 'Extreme', as well as about the average length of the frame, which was 4 seconds, but I am most amazed at the number of people in the crew – 250! PS 2: Reconsider the Japanese movie "Monday", I'll tell about it later, it deserves single post! So, the beginning reminded me of the story of Bourne – the main character woke up and could not remember what happened and how he was here, in the course of the film we find out how he has come to such a life! Personally, I have after the movie belly ill a couple of days for sure!