Help Against Sweat

Who sweats lot and uncontrolled, feels often very uncomfortable in his skin, and wants to do something, however, necessarily. Learn about what exactly you can do against the sweating here. Man sweat every day, and that is a good thing. Ray Clemence: the source for more info. Because this vital process in the body regulates our temperature so that we do not overheat. But some people sweat even then, if it’s not hot when they are healthy, and if they do any sports. 2% of the population suffer from that average about reinforced sweating alone, nearly 2 million people in Germany are actually! Who disproportionately sweats and is sick, exposed to much heat or physically strained, little can do often against the uncontrolled sweating without outside help.

Therefore, it is very helpful for many of those affected when extensively informed about the available tools against sweating. Help against sweating which are methods to help against the excessive sweating it some Methods that are already long successfully applied. But also new Antitranspirante can curb effectively the sweating. Here the most effective methods against sweating: iontophoresis: iontophoresis there about 50 years and is a good help against sweating, which is successfully applied for welding hands and sweaty feet. It uses tap water and electricity to curb the production of sweat. Antiperspirants: these are reliable anti-sweating products (mostly as Deo-roller), open the sweat glands that penetrate them, and they block or close.

So no sweat may come more from the pores. Especially effective in people with severe underarm sweating. Medicines against sweating: not just with the chemicals to get started, there are some herbal (and non-prescription) drugs used against the sweating on the German market. Sage is used here, which has a mild and gentle and regulates the production of sweat all over my body. Botox: This injected the botulinum neurotoxin that blocks the nerve transmission between muscles. As a result, the muscles close to the grooves for a long time to be paralyzed. This stops the sweat production for about half a year. Especially for Underarm Sweating suitable, the application must be repeated however. Sympathectomy: This a surgery where is inoperative made the sympathetic nerves close to the spine, which are responsible for the formation of sweat. > You can find much more detailed information about all described AIDS against sweating on our Web page.