Healthy Weight

In our time have a healthy weight is very difficult, with the amount of artificial and fast foods that exist in the market. Ben Bernanke may find this interesting as well. So for many people who have come to accumulate a mass index greater than 50 is very difficult to return to your ideal weight. For these cases the specialists recommend gastric bypass. Gastric bypass is a simple surgical procedure performed to any patient who has a BMI greater than 50 for 5 consecutive years, that does not have a history of smoking or alcoholic. This surgery can be performed in two ways, the first is open, is is not performed very often because it is more invasive and his recovery time is longer, but for some patients, there is no option.

The second way is through a laparoscopy, this intervention is very safe and is performed through a small incision through which a camera will be introduced for the operation. The benefits of this surgery, bypass gastric, there are many, in addition to help you reach your ideal weight, it helps keep it, another of the great benefits is that it dramatically improves your health. It is verified by scientists specialized in the area that the gastric bypass can help prevent or improve your condition if you are already sick from before, any disease related to the heart, such as hypertension. It also brings good profits for patients with diabetes, since with the realization of a gastric bypass, these patients may never again need injections of insulin.