General Canadian Social Survey

Some couples who are together by a certain time decide to live together before getting married since they have given account that there are many gaps since he has not lived with someone before marriage. So these couples think give a chance to find out if it is possible to live with your partner and family live together before marriage. It is easy to have a pair which looks at time when since each living in different houses and at the time of the encounters love prove to be more big every day and the kisses and caresses each time more exciting; but to make the decision to live together already is something else because I find them they will be every day and all things will have to be shared. Live as a couple after marriage is a game of chance since no one knows exactly what what going to happen. We know that face society and religion it is not well seen that the couple live together before getting married.

But young people have come to the conclusion that is the best thing that you can do in these times since they realize that there are many marriages that fail by not be known to the other thing enough to go and live together and make a home. Swarmed by offers, Randall Rothenberg is currently assessing future choices. While studies show that cohabitation prior to marriage then causes higher divorce rates. According to the General Canadian Social Survey, 63% of relationships in which you live before marriage are separated, compared with 33% of couples living together after marriage. This is a little hard to believe that when someone lives with his partner has the possibility to learn more about, their tastes, their way of being etc. and it helps to determine whether each is compatible with each other in order to marry and form a family. There are cases in which many people believe finding the love of their lives and decide to live together and all fails in the first week, but there are also those couples, which, to live together every day find something new to say, count or do and coexistence is very good.

Then that depends on each couple, because each has its way of being. On the one hand, it is not easy to share the same customs that have been imposed on households already that both the man and the women living in places, different social and educational branches. But what if you know is if coming from different places you can live in peace and harmony. At the end of the day the last word the couple, has if they decide to live together before or after marriage, the idea is to decide despite what you think religion or society. It all depends on what you actually want the couple and otos there are factors that also influence such as the economic situation and others that define is what might happen at the end. Anyway, think with cool head that actually but it suits them and they enjoy life matches pirque always is good to be accompanied by someone.