Earth Aspects

Some people may prefer to spend their resources in a durable, manufactured housing concrete for example, that one of provisional materials that will have to be replaced in the long run and the investment made will be lost. Other people put one emphasis more on the design of your home, either because adapting it to its mode expect to enjoy a greater comfort in it or because to the best design is expected with a higher added value. All these values that the people assigned to aspects of the housing must be taken into account when develop proposals aimed to modify the elements of housing, whether they are technological aspects such as materials or building elements or their aspects of architectural design, space, shape, etc. Dignify the housing It means produce living spaces that preserve that cluster of values that are of interest to the user, use architectural resources to produce the functional spaces, aesthetic and comfort expected. It means also employ the technology to produce new materials, building materials and housing components that maintain those aspects that are of interest to the user, rather than cover up projects ideologically loaded to hide a sub-human life reality. If the values and interests of the user are preserved in the production of housing will be dignifying to housing which for so many centuries has waited that the task missed to give the individual a dignified space to inhabit meets. Even today, in a global world and in the middle of a postmodern life, the individual has values and respect its values means to dignify. Were designed from the dwell among the most contemporary conceptualizations, from German Heidegger (1951) makes conceiving an architecture that starts from the dwelling. Nothing is possible without the living all part This experience of living place, at the same time that builds him and thought him. The man, for his ability to think built while it is found, you can choose the nature the best materials, not only for comfort, but also to care for the Earth and to live with dignity.