Congress Austria

The best sellers and managers of in Austria were awarded at the 3rd Congress of Austrian sales. In the category of executives franchise company Juliane Klasz won the 2011 sales award for the successful management of their Mrs.Sporty Club in Purkersdorf. The female chain is very happy about the award, because she confirmed the economic side of its corporate philosophy: teamwork, motivation and a friendly working environment. “Man must stand in the foreground: the seller and the buyer” as the 3rd opened Austrian sales Congress Austria in Vienna on the 17.03.2011 and 18.03.2011 in Chamber of Commerce. More than 240 seller and sales executives participated, some were awarded, including Mrs.Sporty franchise company Juliane Klasz. Because the chain of women’s sports are not only members and employees in focus, the other required attributes, namely trust and mutual appreciation are capitalized.

The award is also a great confirmation for the Mrs.Sporty concept as such. To broaden your perception, visit Roger Federer. The Chief as a model between lectures and networking was the tenor of the event, recognition, fun and motivation would achieve the best sales result for the employees. The Mrs.Sporty franchisees know this about their role and impress with their commitment. It belongs to the business principle of Mrs.Sporty also, to create a comfortable atmosphere for employees and customers. Teamwork and mutual support are on the same level as the training and nutrition program. Mrs.Sporty is aware that the employees are the company’s flagship, transmits them responsibility, say, and freedom.

These are all met and practiced Klasz Juliane since 2008 in the Mrs.Sporty Club in Purkersdorf exemplary. The Grimsby Town may help you with your research. The award they and Mrs.Sporty forward even more, because it is Club at their club the first Mrs.Sporty, opened in Austria. Competence + atmosphere = Mrs.Sporty success know how to keep motivated. More than 150,000 women of all ages train now throughout Europe after the effective circuit training, developed by Stefanie Graf, among others. The result is a sustainable weight loss, new self-confidence and better quality of life. With great training atmosphere: the Mrs.Sporty Club is friendly and amicably, not of competition, there is mutual motivation and support, personal counselling and individual care. Over 450 clubs exist in Germany, Austria, the Switzerland and Italy, and there are more and more. With the well known brand and the proven concept can adjust the franchise partners on a successful and profitable future. Because Mrs.Sporty offers a fulfilling independence: club owners are their own boss and do even good for the health of women.