Colombia Country

Among other reasons because the intervention that we have just experienced is a warning against internal conspiracies, which means, more less, as did them is I can take them off. What that slipping was not against bankers, was against his allies. Now, allies see that they do, stay quiet and enjoy the proceeds or become hypersensitive and decide that it is better to do without of the until now benefactor. In my opinion they will opt for the first thing and just peep some craving the Party Congress trying to some steps that protect them. Of course that cannot be side the voracity of the revolutionary bourgeoisie that was implemented in that while most have more I want. Do others?, others are based on the principle of while not getting with me. Things of corrupt power.

Wednesday: 2010: did Annus mirabilis possibilis? 2010 Threatens to be the year of the catastrophe, but Venezuelans can make it in the year of the restart of the restarting, in a good year, i.e. in an annus mirabilis. A good year means curbing the hopelessness, organizing to the United country in its essence, exercised the resistance with consistency and determination, twisting the hand to the regime. Will not be achieved with oblivion of ills, but highlighting them in your truth; It will fail causing delusions of optimism to hide what is obvious and pathetic; will not be achieved with false political amusement but highlighting evidence of this disolutivo chaos in which the Republic disintegrates. Thursday: War contrary to what everybody thinks I think that war is possible. The bravado are the truth in the Fund. This poorly applied Military Academy student has in its memory the old teachings of Colombia as the enemy, now enhanced by the wall that the neighboring country embodies before their revolutionary expansion desires. It will give and will give laps, if another President other than Uribe remain with him a brief Moon of honey and then return to the old ways, as it has done with Obama.