Corrige to your son and will give rest, and will give to joy to your soul you Prov 29:17 the nonsense is ligature to the heart of the boy; but the twig of the correction will move away of him to it Prov 22:15 If from children we taught to our children to recognize that the enemy, Satan, never plays fairly, that is unjust, defrauds, it lies, it deceives, it disguises good the bad sin calling to the good thing and the bad thing, to hide that the sin in fact is something bad, degenerate, that it has to be able to captivate, to enslave and to destroy the eternal life of the people; if we alerted to our children, they themselves will learn to recognize tretas and ruses that the enemy uses and who is always equal. As Christian families we must be loyal to Jesus, and not allow by comfort that abominations enter our house that contaminate our home and our children. Satan must have part neither luck in our life, nor we must leave enters disguised of light, in the form of games for children, books, electronic devices, Clean etc. your house, and faithful to Jesus, because he is worthy of our love and fidelity, because it frees to us of the sin and the evil, time and time again. Each one of the members of the family have a very important paper, and very defined, it takes each his paper, and stop competing a con others, because the competition is not between we ourself, but AGAINST PRINCIPALITIES, STRENGTHS, AND POWERS IN CELESTIAL REGIONS. Christian brothers, take the paper that corresponds to them with joy. We have to our side, any more and anything less to the one than VENCIO TO the WORLD, trusts, sujtate to the Word of God, and you will have the victory ensured on the enemy who wants to destroy your family, because the Christian families ARE POWERFUL IN CHRIST JESUS. Original author and source of the article