Beneficial Dinners

The objective of this beneficial dinner is to collect bottoms for three foundations. The place setting costs between 800 and 1000 Euros and went numerous personalities. Actor Antonio Banderas and Eva Longoria has been the ones in charge to command the second edition of the Finery Starlite, a beneficial dinner, among 800 and 1,000 Euros the place setting, that reunites to outstanding national and international personalities. The Villapadierna hotel has been the scene of the second Finery Starlite that is celebrated in Spain, with Antonio Banderas and Eva Longoria like hosts, accompanied by Melanie Griffith, who have printed their company/signature in the cars of the sponsoring mark which they will be auctioned to collect bottoms. The event will destine collects to the foundations Tears and favors, Children in Alegra and Eva’ s Heroes, so it counted throughout the evening with auctions, shared in common raffles, artists, entrances to ” After party” and interchange of experiences with the guests. Between these last ones, it is the power to spend a day with Eva Longoria in the Seth of desperate Women, the attendance to the Grammy prizes and four days in Formentera in house of Eugenia Silva. Oceana, Jermaine Jackson, the Union and Swarosky Victory are some of the artists who acted in the Starlite finery.

After the initial put one, they began to march past by the red carpet the guests, who, according to sources of the organization, went up to around the three hundred, along with 170 credited journalists. By the footbridge personages of the stature of Marta marched past Sanchez, Remedies Cervantes, Beatriz de Orleans, Carmen Lomana, Boris Izaguirre, Gunilla Von Bismarck and Luis Ortiz, Aryan Maril Montero, Imanol, Amaya Salamanca, Peace Fertile valley, Elena Tablada and Sea Saura among others. The red color was the chosen one by a great number of guests, who shone in their majority long dressed in pedrera or spangles, and as Lomana in put his commented: ” We are of San Fermn, all of rojo”. Marta Sanchez, who has put with an elegant red dress with decollete in the form of ” v” , adorned with a pink diamond necklace, it commented the journalists who are the first time that attends the finery, and it has affirmed that in this one it has been eeted again with friendly like Melanie Griffith. On the other hand, Antonio Flags declared that it is the second celebration which attends in Marbella in sixteen years, and must as objective grant from the foundation Tears and favors postgraduate scholarships to the students of the University of Malaga to study in the USA and Canada. The actor affirmed that the country needs to happen of one ” economy especulativa” to one ” productiva” , that we needed ” people prepared with vision of futuro” , and that is tried to do of Starlite one ” finery institucional” in order to give to Marbella ” empujoncito” after the scandals by the Malayan case. With respect to the questioning of which the famous ones celebrate this type of events, the artist has considered who ” he does not concern the reason by which you do ” , since the boy who receives the aid wants ” medicines, water and alimentacin”. Source of the news: Antonio Banderas and Eva Longoria present/display the second beneficial finery Starlite.