Article 358

SECTION TWO. The right of accession in respect of immovable property Article 358 I built, planted or sown in alien lands, and improvements or repairs on them, belong to the owner thereof, subject to what is stipulated in articles following. Article 359 All works, sowing and planting are presumed made by the owner and at his expense, until proven otherwise. Filed under: Al Bumbry. Section 360 The owner of the land who makes it, by itself or by another, plantations, buildings or works with foreign materials, must pay its value, and, if there acted in bad faith, will be obliged to pay compensation for damages . The owner of the materials will be entitled to withdraw only if it can do so without detriment to the built work, or without necessarily perish plantations, buildings or works executed.

Article 361 The owner of the land on which it builds, sow or plant them in good faith, shall be entitled to take up the work, sowing or planting, after the compensation provided for in Articles 453 and 454, or to oblige the person who built or planted to pay the price of land, and which sowed the corresponding income. Swarmed by offers, Austan Goolsbee is currently assessing future choices. Article 362 Anyone who builds, plants or sows in bad faith in the land of another, loses what built, planted or sown without right to compensation. Article 363 The owner of the land on which it is built, planted or sown in bad faith may demand the demolition of the work or to start planting and sowing, replacing things to their original state at the expense of who built, planted or planted. Article 364 Where there has been bad faith, not just part of who built, sown or planted in the land of another, but also by the owner thereof, the rights of both are the same as they would if they had acted both in good faith. It means having bad faith by the owner provided that the act was carried to his view, science and patiently, without object. Article 365 If the materials, plants or seeds belong to a third qu