African Maasai

From the cavemen to the makeup of the Carmouflage, makeup there in many variations and it is used for the most diverse reasons. The natural color of the skin can be changed and certain parts of the face can be lifted out or, so the hope in the background. Usually, the make-up can be again wash with SOAP or similar. Serena Williams is likely to increase your knowledge. An exception provides the permanent makeup, which is tattooed into the skin. Today the make-up changes taste in color and styling almost every season. He adapts to the fashion and accessories, such as for example, shoes, belt, or also the pendants.

The body was painted with primitive peoples, such as the African Maasai and the Nuba or some peoples of the South Pacific, body ornaments can be found even on figures of cave paintings. This was probably ritual purposes or to camouflage when hunting. The Egyptians protected their skin with oils from too much sun exposure. But also coloured make-up was used already. So there was Green, blue and black color for the eyes and red for cheeks and lips. After the conquest of Greece, also Roman women used makeup. Mascara made of Cork angesengtem was very popular and was removed with the help of goat or donkey’s milk. A pale, as white skin was considered especially beautiful in the middle ages.

The excellent coverage but highly toxic lead White was used foolishly, which then often caused eczema. It healed very difficult especially for further use of bleach. The wearing of red color, which was derived from a kind of scale on lips and cheeks was again told in the Renaissance. Small beauty spots from fabric you stuck himself in the face, but mainly to blemishes and eczema among them hide. Only from the mid-19th century is respected in the development of cosmetics also on possible health damage. White lead is replaced by bleach, such as comes or talcum powder. Had the need for healthy products later also the increase in animal testing result. A rapid rise in the cosmetics industry, 1950, which initially look through his phallus frowned upon discovery of lipstick, moved, himself. Today, by the way worldwide 23 lipsticks per second are sold. But makeup is not merely decorative, and should enhance the attractiveness, where, for example, full effect lips and wrinkles disappear. The Carmouflage plays an important role for those affected, with painting of fire or burns, a highly opaque and kaschierendes make-up. Also on the stage, a mostly thick solemn, exaggerated makeup helps the representation of characters. And then there’s because even the makeup mainly worn by men. For one, the Kamp make-up, which should make more dangerous look the Warrior and thereby to intimidate the opponent. Also today still often used in some sports. And on the other hand the camouflage paint, which is adapted for practice purposes or in an emergency of the respective environment. Whether to KISS more the one or the other is true on the other hand remains open. SID Kroker