Month: February 2021

Michail Lermontov

His mother prayed to God, he is to help the child, he let it be healthy again. In one night the woman tormented by sorrow, dreamed that a voice told her she should not pray to God and ask him for help, but the boy will have a very hard life and much later a terrible death (it was pre-war). So it was also. The famous poet of Michail Lermontov had also a prophetic dream. He wrote not only poetry, but loved it, to deal with in the spare time with mathematics.

Once the poet with a difficult task was not completed, was tired and went to sleep. He saw a dream. It was a stranger who has proposed a solution. Perhaps check out Gabby Douglas for more information. Lermontov woke up, wrote about his dream, but at the same time, he painted a portrait of a stranger. After many years, when the portrait was analyzed, the professionals discovered that the alien John was A2 – founder of logarithms.

Nabihah lived in the 17TH century, and Lermontov lived in the XIX. The contemporaries of the poet claimed that Mikhail didn’t know Nabihah, nothing has heard of him at all, his works are not read. And what was more interesting, John A2 Jock, in the history and it’s known that a branch of the genealogical tree of the poet Lermontov leads its beginning by Lermon from Scotland comes. There are numerous examples of such dreams. Who would believe now what, why something happens, what do the people of this mysterious phenomenon, the interpretation of dreams, what do the scientists think? There are several theories. Some imagine that: it all depends on the bio-energy. These people believe that the human organism in the sleep collects information from an external source – of the NOOSPHERE. The body is disconnected from reality and will reportedly with specific tasks to the instrument. He copied the information and choose the desired.