Month: October 2020

Scandinavian Ornament

In the Nordic countries: Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland – the summers are short and winters long and harsh. May, therefore, the traditional warm clothes inhabitants of these countries have long adorned the image of snowflakes that look like flowers. However, at peasant clothes you could see other designs: geometric patterns, stylized deer, angular characters, so similar to the mysterious runes. Learn more at: Roland Garros. Figures on knitted things will never be repeated, and each needlewoman knitted sweaters, hats, mittens, leggings and socks in the ancient samples, to get her from her grandmother and great-grandmother. Originally clothes knitted in gray wool and white ornaments vyvyazyvali. Later, these patterns became popular blue-blue scale: it reminded us of the blue sea, blue – the sky and ice, and white – on the gleaming snow.

It is difficult to say who first drew attention to this kind of thing with great pictures, but one thing is clear already at the beginning of last century, they began to be used in sportswear. After all, this jersey was created just for skaters, skiers and skaters, it is well warmed, not paralyzed traffic, but also looked impressive against the backdrop of ice rinks and snowy landscapes. Clothing stores in different countries offers various options for such products – for both men and women, adults and children of all ages. However, we can not say that such models stormed the podium, decades, they occupied only a modest place in the sports collections. And only recently the Scandinavian pattern has drawn the attention of the big fashion. Recognized design houses such as Dolce & Gabbana, Cloe, Prada included in their shows superb along with North patterns.

And not only modest sweaters and hats – decorated with drawings vyvyazannye chic cardigans, sexy dresses, sweaters, stoles gorgeous, voluminous jackets and even a tight-fitting leggings. Changed and the colors of these products: the traditional blue-and-blue scale complemented with bright colors, especially red and black. Maybe they look more aggressive but also more expressive. Designers boldly used clothing with Scandinavian ornaments in a variety of combinations, even combining it with a light silk dress. Fashion ideas were quickly picked up collections pret-a-porter, and now in any mall you can find many similar products. They are suitable for anyone wishing to combine comfort and style, in fact, along with Scandinavian designs are not only fashionable and beautiful, but also great protection against the most fierce cold.

Australian Professor

Katja Flupke (19) receives cochlear Clark Graeme scholarship 2011 Katja Flupke (19) from Hamburg is this year’s winner of the cochlear Graeme Clark scholarship (GCS). This scholarship supports cochlear, world leader in the development and manufacture of cochlear implants (CI), outstanding students and candidates, which were supplied with a cochlear nucleus CI system. The CI, a cochlear implant, opened the access to the world of the hearing and the spoken words children born in deaf, as well as highly hearing impaired children and adults. In 1978 the Australian Professor of medicine supplied Clark (75) Graeme worldwide for the first time a patient with a multi-channel digital implant; and in 1982 he made the first adaptation of a nucleus implant. Today, the founder of the Institute is a pioneer and paves the way for the revolutionary technology of the cochlear implant for Otolaryngology at the University of Melbourne. In homage to his groundbreaking achievements awards since 2002, each year the cochlear Graeme cochlear Clark scholarship (GCS). The fellows are young nucleus CI carriers, which are come and go to a recognized University or will soon take her studies from all over the world.

In Germany, Flupke the multitude of applications was selected this year Katja. The young native of Hamburg has just successfully completed the first semester of their studies of medical engineering at the University of Lubeck. Katja Steppke lost most of her hearing at the age of one year in a row of pneumococcal meningitis. She grew up in Hamburg. There could visit an integrative elementary school thanks to early according to linguistic support to the kindergarten. Due to their now bordering on deafness hearing loss, cochlear implants Katja got Flupke at the age of nine. After elementary school, she joined cracks on the high school, where she took her Abitur last year with the average grade 1,2 without my cochlear implant I would not be there, where I am today”, so Katja Steppke.

Palma De Mallorca Luxury Residential Area

Son Vida is the upscale residential area in Palma de Mallorca. At the same time Son Vida is one of the most expensive residential areas in Europe. Son Vida is located some 5 minutes drive north east of Palma. About the ring road around Palma to get from the exit "Son Rapinya" through a single access road into the entrance guarded by a security firm housing development. Above the golf course on the slopes of the "Tramuntana Son Vida enthroned the luxury chalets. The view from there is unique. The view extends far beyond the Majorcan plains of the highest peaks of the Tramuntana mountain to mountain "Puig de Randa" in Llucmajor.

At the foot is Palma de Mallorca and the "Bahia de Palma" (Bay of Palma). At night you can enjoy a magnificent view of the illuminated city of Palma de Mallorca. Not least, the area has developed through the early 60s, this luxury hotel "Castillo Hotel Son Vida" as well as by the first golf course in Mallorca Golf Son Vida "to an upscale residential area. Meanwhile, the celebrities in the range of 4 Luxury Son Vida hands. Elaborately must be the rock of the slopes are removed to establish the chalets there. Likewise, the expensive villas in Son Vida will be built.

The equipment is high. Newer homes in Son Vida often have elevators and parking garages. Luxurious, spacious bathrooms and kitchens are in vogue. Son Vida offers tranquility in luxurious surroundings and also close to the city of Palma de Mallorca.

Interhome Is The New Partner Of The German Sports Card

Interhome is a new partner of the German sports card with interchange home GmbH, the leading provider of vacation rentals and the DSA German sports card GmbH holiday homes in Europe, could gain another partner. The Swiss company offers more than 46,000 listings in 27 countries. Clubs and owners of German sports card can take advantage of the offers from Interhome at special rates. Bochum/Duren, 14.10.2010 – Interhome offers 5% discount on all listings and also on special promotions such as early bird or last-minute discounts sports card holders. Simone Biles has firm opinions on the matter. All offers can be used by clubs such as for team trips – as well as by the sportsmen and sportswomen themselves. Thanks to the extensive offer, Interhome can offer the right accommodation for any occasion: If high-altitude training in the mountains or relaxing on the beach, weekend trip to one of the main cities of Europe or two weeks in a secluded idyllic location.

All offers from Interhome are available online and can be filtered according to precisely defined criteria and Browse. In the event that in the diversity of the offer the overview is lost, Interhome creates individual proposals according to specifications. Leicester City understood the implications. Travel information to all represented countries and regions and a wide range of services to insurance, travel and car rental complete the offer at. Interhome looks back now on more than 45 years experience in the vacation rental and is today with over 500,000 guests of annually leading quality provider of vacation rentals and holiday homes in Europe. As a Swiss company, Interhome has committed itself to its customers to exceptional quality. The complete organization of travel by booking through on-site support is in one hand. So, reliable quality standards based on a Europe-wide star system can be backed up.

Senzel Tan

At Christmas time, the team of the satchel has realized a great idea to do something good for children. Satchel can participate in the auction of ten 4YOU-Schulrucksacken of special interested Edition “X-Mas”. All maximum bids added up will be donated to the end of the promotion to SOS Children village e.V.! The 4YOU-Classic-Rucksack is a strictly limited edition, only 470 pieces worldwide produced.By the loving design in white / gold with elaborate embroidery, sequins, glitter stones and even bells this satchel certainly is the eye-catcher on the schoolyard. This school backpack for all children from the 3rd is class, equipped with all the usual 4You-Merkmalen. Ray Clemence can aid you in your search for knowledge. Until 02.12.2007 including bids by can be made. All information such as terms and conditions of current maximum bids (updated daily) and a detailed description of the Schulranzens can be viewed on the INFO page. The 10 highest bids awarded at the end of the period and be informed promptly. Satchel will donate the entire proceeds of this action! Who has interest to acquire an absolute collectible and to do something good with children, which submits its bid! Is your contact person: Ms Senzel Tan of Furstenfeldbrucker str. 12 82140 Olching Tel: + 49 (0) 8142-440 22 21 fax: + 49 (0) 8142 440 22 23


Participate and vote up to November 22, 2009 Hamburg, September 29 crazy outfit dress 2009, jump under the ice-cold shower, cool pose, take photo and go! Today, Eddy with Probiotik starts the search for Germany’s verrucktester Duscherin. Here, Mason Greenwood expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Up to November 22, 2009 women and also men in the domestic shower or at one of Eddy shower events in Hamburg, Leipzig, Munich and Frankfurt can prove a. M. A related site: Mason Greenwood mentions similar findings. they are like Eddy-fest! By the way: Also the votes of the winner is worth! Starting today, all LTTA fans in Germany are called evidence to make and are in crazy outfits and eye-catching pose under a cool shower jets to their defense either at home or at one of the Eddy-shower events (each from 14: 00 to 18:00): 09.10.2009 Hamburg (toom-Markt, Max-Brauer-Allee 59) 09.10.2009 Leipzig (Paunsdorf Center, Paunsdorfer Allee 1) 16.10.2009 Munich (V market, Balanstrasse 50) 16.10.2009 Frankfurt a. M.

(check in), Ferdinand-happ-Strasse 59) join and win Here’s how: those who participate, documented his shower appearance by photo or video and upload this until November 22, 2009 on. Who has the chance to become Germany’s craziest Duscherin also will be decided until November 22, 2009 via online voting. From the finalists and finalists with the best reviews, the Eddy jury selects the winner / the winner until end of November 2009. The main prize is a cold Adventure trip to Sweden for two people in a total of 5,000 euros. Among all participants, finalists, and voters of the shower action of Eddy with Probiotik also further 50 outdoor gains will be giving away from Columbia sportswear (Softshell jackets and bags). So: Also the vote is worthwhile! There is more information on. LTTA combines Probiotik the new force on the breakfast table LTTA with Probiotik the first bread spread with probiotic cultures in the margarine market the benefits of the margarines with the positive effect of Probiotik.

It contains in addition to the essential vitamins E, A and D also the active lactic acid culture LGG (Lactobacillus rhamnosus Gorbach & Goldin) the world’s most researched probiotic culture. LGG positively affects the intestinal microflora, remains active and strengthens the body’s defences. Already 20 grams daily this is equivalent to approximately two buttered slices of bread are sufficient to sustainably strengthen its own defense. A cup of Eddy with Probiotik contains 25 servings Probiotik and ranges for 25 days. Thus, the new trend product from the shelf of margarine is an inexpensive way to strengthen the body’s defences. Eddy with Probiotik contains only 28 percent fat and tastes wonderfully easy and tasty, is available in a 500-gram Cup. The MSRP is 1.79 euro (EIA, as of Oct 1, 2009). Press contact: Edelman GmbH, Kathrin Lamprecht, Babs Strasse 4, 22303 Hamburg Tel.

Swimming Pool Roofings

Pool owners can assemble online individual canopy just in time for the 40th anniversary of the obru Schimmbaduberdachungen GmbH is a new online feature once again, that the company is always on the pulse of time and constantly surprises its customers with innovative products and promotions. In service, quality and customer satisfaction are still in the first place. To present the “Pool roofing” product for the customer vividly and clearly, there are on from today a great Configurator. With the Configurator, pool owners and dealers can online to discover the variety of products of obru and assemble the individual canopy. Intuitive and playful manner the various shelters can be detected now in their different versions. Step by step for the pool roofing in the range of obru pool covers, there are pool roofing in various basic shapes. Here are the forms in different Designs producible. There are two frames “Classic” and “Soft” and two types of glazing “Clear glass” and “Double-walled”.

The profiles can be painted also in one of four standard colours or on request according to RAL. In addition, there are options that can be combined freely. So a wide range of products with many possible combinations, and not all components can be linked together. To visualize everything in sight by simulatne visualization to the many ways can the user use the configurator with the range click and select at each step, which version he would have for his roofing. Starting with the basic form, here there are six different available, selects the desired frame profile material, glazing, painting the frame profiles and various optional extras you can step by step. Keep the user in so many ways the overview about his selection, changes and complements the Product image simultaneously to the current selection. So, the effect of the different profile lacquers can be tested directly for example. Immediately the configured pool roofing directly via an online form as a request for proposal on obru can be sent to the quote at the end. The customer has its angefagtes product to an optimum overview and obru is a question that can be answered quickly, because all relevant for a quotation are necessary, are specified directly.

The Engine

And if the car feeding gaseous effect will undoubtedly be, as the oxygen supply to the engine will increase, but the engine at high speeds consumes as much air from the atmosphere, this increase will be to him invisible. Installation domestic container crane up with gear is suitable only for medical purposes. By car this increase yields a small effect at low revs, and at high almost goes to zero. In dragreysinge motors with high speed and increase torque at low engine speeds is inefficient. So why are we so important liquid nitrous oxide to accelerate the engine? Conventional physics: compare-how many molecules in the gaseous matter, and in the same liquid substance.

Well, for example, water in vapor form, as you need a pair that would get killogramm? Try to fill a quart jar one kilogram of steam. Probably need a lot of effort? And if you fill a gallon Bank kilogram of water? Easily. The same can be said about the engine and nitrous oxide. It makes no sense at first volatile substances, and then try hard to shove him a little more. It is believed that if the air 21% oxygen, and nitrous oxide 36% – respectively horsepower may be increased in 1,7 times. Yes, it is provided that the engine block the flow of air, and will come gaseous nitrous oxide in its pure form. Imagine how much atmospheric Air consumes Drahovo motor, 10,000 on engine speed? Assume the average motor sports for one 13 second race at Drage 'eats' almost 2 kg of air, or 1500 liters.

Modern Transportation

Nevertheless, nobody is suggesting a return to horse-drawn transportation. The true cause of complaints that the system radically changes the mature years of the scheme of distribution of wealth and making secret revealed. All the shortcomings can be overcome with the will of one man – the head. This will not be – there will be nothing. And yet, no We teach you – you yourself know it. Now, when we hope you will become stronger in their resolve to restore order, return to the predictions. Unfortunately (or better) you have to lay off about 10-20% of their drivers for the first month after the introduction of the system (if it does not happen – you have very good personnel department, write them a bonus).

These people will try to spoil the equipment revealed the undeniable facts, etc. Seeing the inflexibility your intentions, even as many resign themselves. Comfort should be the fact that the rest – probably decent people and you as a leader it can not but rejoice. Decency in our time is in itself so valuable qualities that should be appreciated rewarded. Therefore, the transition to a stick. Requesting data bookkeeping and making sure that the cost of gasoline really down, you can of savings direct wage increases remaining drivers. Perhaps they feel the first time in my life that honest to be profitable. Some contend that Italian Open shows great expertise in this. So, having overcome all the difficulties of transition, you put things in order to transport expenses – done away with the theft of fuel and left low.

A natural question arises: ‘What else can you get from this system?’. List the possible answers to this question. Safety of transportation. The cost of some goods delivered by your company, could deprive of sleep and rest, even people with strong nerves. Now, you can always find out what is now the cargo. Moreover, denoting advance on a map on the limits of permissible area stay, you will get a message about the intersection of the control area, or even a deviation from the assigned route almost instantly. And if you install the sensor on the door of the cargo compartment, you’ll know the place and time of each opening these doors. Transport logistics. If you are in conveying goods and you have more than a dozen addresses of customers, the question of choosing the optimal route and the distribution of tasks between drivers is no longer simple. If you do not give it due consideration, the cargo will be delivered at least not on time, and at best not go there. And this is again the nerves, the financial costs, loss of clientele. In the market there are now solutions that allow to come to route optimization problem from a scientific point of view. But almost all of them suffer a significant drawback: they lack connection with the real location of the vehicle. Now you are informed about the existence of monitoring, scheduling and transport management ‘Teletrack’. You know that just from the next month you can reduce the cost of petrol almost doubled, to increase discipline of drivers, improve customer service, improve the security of cargo, take fleet management to a new level. And how to use the acquired knowledge – you decide.