World Champion Markus Beyer

The triple WBC boxing champion comes for a seminar in Hamburg on Friday, November 4th, will be Markus Beyer in the Dojo to guest the former WBC boxing champion, to give an insight into the tactics and experiences a Profisportlers people. During the two-hour seminar, all participants have the opportunity to train with the forty years, get tips and ask questions. Beyer, who knows well to impress with 35 WINS from 39 fights ended his active career in March 2008, after he was again plagued by injury. Abandoned yet never has his passion and supports people who have just as much joy in the sport of boxing, as he himself ever since. Check with olympics to learn more. Now, the triple world champion come to Hamburg to both beginners and advanced Boxer to pass on his Know-How. The fun of the common training should stand in the foreground and everyone get the chance to try out yourself. In addition, that the seminar also for non-members of the Zanshin dojos is accessible to it really all enthusiasts of the fight to allow to take part in this training course and gain valuable experience. So anyone who would like to take the opportunity to get a once professional tips and tricks by Markus Beyer, the logs to the team of Zanshin dojos. Contact: Zanshin Dojo Mendelssohn Street 15B 22761 Hamburg 040-89 07 03 52 the event starts at 19:00 and ends at 21:00 o’clock.