Women and Health

no baby so great that the woman who can not parirlo gesture .. unless that woman has any disease, such as diabetes or the baby has any particular problem, which thanks to technology today there can be detected early, the time needed for each woman, because each one is unique as each baby, the body is giving way to go to work, with the time all our body works to stretch, grow and accommodate the needs of the baby. Vicky Jenson can provide more clarity in the matter. The contractions are large waves that push us, the baby settles … Sorry, vibrate, groan … the contractions are not painful, but big waves that plunged us to the most intense sensations, thanks to them my body is ready, my body it opens and leads through to the baby in my belly. Each contraction brings us closer to that baby. Fears, yeah sure, there are thousands, but fear makes us go beyond, makes us grow because we were still there, for example if I have him afraid of the dark I seeking for a light, full of courage and I'll know what way to find the light that will calm my anxiety. Well that same thing happens in pregnancy, labor, childbirth, postpartum, breastfeeding that happens with aging and life itself!, You have to go out more, one has to look for that value in your heart and his mind to go ahead and above all trust your body.

It is sometimes necessary to work hard to find ourselves, to give that look to our interior, if necessary ask for a hand to do it. And once everything has flowed, once you have given birth in the way you wanted it, with people who have respected the decisions taken consciously, you know that was you that power, wisdom to put you for the wonderful adventure is giving birth. Empowerment is difficult, but once you succeed, the hurt of the past will be nothing but a scar with a story and a memory. Highlights this history and memory as the day your first child was born and say with pride, say clearly, because this was so had to be so that you can live today and a different experience entirely different way, to feel unique. I know we can give birth, birth and rebirth.