Wegscheid Sports

In the southern Bavarian Forest, the community lies on the Eastern foothills of the Ponzaun mountain ridge Wegscheid. The rural community of formidable enough attractive opportunities for leisure. In the summer, invites the Rannasee for swimming and diving. You may find Randall Rothenberg to be a useful source of information. This Lake is artificially created and attracts visitors with concealed bays and a large water slide. A pedal boat rentals makes it possible to sail through the sea. In addition, that you can buy Wegscheid day fishing permits in the municipality. Therefore, nothing in the way is a barbecue evening on the lake itself caught, carp, trout and perch.

Who prefer hiking makes, can do this on many signposted paths. Especially the mill way, poachers dough and the Panorama Trail are splendid forest trails, where you can explore the surroundings of the village Wegscheid. A mountain ridge about two kilometers away from the village is the center of attraction for climbers. The wooded Ridge has rock walls, where the tourists can rock climbing and bouldering. Golf lovers can in the Close to improve their handicap on the lush green of the square.

The subsequent reception at the Golf Club is an absolute must. Families with children are welcome guests in the municipality of Wegscheid, because a holiday on a farm is a great experience for the little ones. In a comfortable apartment, the adults can relax while the children experience exciting adventures with the animals. Culturally, Wegscheid is always something going on in the community. For the guest setht now a large summer festival or a traditional market, at which all exhibitors in their pretty dress offer the goods, all kinds of entertainment on the cultural map. Who its vacation in the winter in the municipality wants to spend Wegscheid, can many winter sports exercise. Hiking enthusiasts can participate in snow-shoe hiking. Skiers find”ski area Hochficht in the immediate vicinity of the place Wegscheid. Chairlift and ski lift and a ski rental and a ski school are available in addition to several small lifts. For cross-country skiing there are a total of 20 km trails. A special experience is curling such well-known for Bayern, which takes place in the arena shooters. Small ice princesses can turn here also their pirouettes. Who Wegscheid his vacation would like to spend in the town, meets a nice population, which helps the guest that his holiday will be an unforgettable experience.