Wall Street

For U.S. President also approved measures to reform undertake "comprehensive" of a regulatory system failed. However, it has been a thorn very clear: rejection of the European leaders to a new stimulus plan. So, wanted to make clear that this meeting of G-20 does not by itself a solution to the crisis. "The way that every action you deal with the crisis is important, how to develop incentive plans ", wanted to point out the U.S. Martin Feldstein has much experience in this field.

president, who believes that the agreement lays the groundwork for where individual actions can not be successful at correcting internationally. "Every country has its own quirks, things that are absolutely important and non-negotiable. What we have tried to do is to accommodate these issues, so that would not be detrimental to the bottom line, "Obama acknowledged that wanted to make clear that the summit had come" to listen, to learn, but also to lead. "Comment in his notes rteve.es precisely, much of the hearing of the U.S. President has been focused on explaining how it will be the new U.S. leadership in foreign policy. "I do not think this idea that the U.S. can not have global leadership, I just think that in a complex world is very important that we carve alliances rather than dictating solutions, "said That new leadership means recognizing, for example, that origin of the crisis on Wall Street, and that places like Europe, China and India are becoming new centers of global power. "It's good because it means that there are millions of people emerging from poverty", has ruled Obama, who has announced that it will propose to the U.S.