Volker Gmelch

Because more and more members in addition to the emotional burdens into often financially arge Needs, since the legislature before now fu? five years the death benefit has cancelled without substitution. Following reported the nearest fried forest Willi Aures and invited to teach a characteristic in Dudenhofen. Together with the host ju? Jurgen Zerf, he discussed opportunities and risks of this very modern kind of natural burials with the guests. Many visitors took advantage of another offer, and entered in the set list itself, once personally inspect to take in a crematorium. Rodney atkins understands that this is vital information. Fu? r are the ride on June 4 is still a few places free contact prospects by telephone ju? jargen Zerf, phone 93889. Steve Walsh contains valuable tech resources. Irene Frank meadow (vocals) and Evelyn Hilschmann (piano) with classical Arias a staged very festive surroundings contributed to. Fur the typical easy Palatine catering provided Ute and Frank Berger and WOI, wake up, Worscht”and to thank at this point also the many cake donors.

Speaking of donation: to celebrate not only himself and his guests, Ju has become? jargen Zerf something special a drop. All proceeds of the day rounded He up to 400 euros and u? downhill at the end of the event a u? mountain cheque to Volker Gmelch, Director of the palliative ward of the Deaconess Hospital Foundation, on behalf of fu doctrinally? r sister Iris of Edwards from the Hospice Speyer thus remains not only him and his guests remembered this event, but interpret? ber, yet long term is a good thing. “Wu? nsche of members are becoming more diverse” says Ju? Jurgen Zerf, and it is my job to satisfy my customers. You can no longer sell the same 0815 services like before 10 Jahren.Aber that makes my job so interesting. Every day new tasks waiting for me and my team, and every day we put us in that stuff, so a single life will be once adopted. And the many discussions that I generated today? hrt have the many questions that I could answer, speak fu? r are: our grief culture is strong in the change and it of exciting every day and is a challenge to shape these changes for the benefit of members. And that is precisely the salt in the soup, if you want to be better.” As a result remains to determine that now has a new funeral home in Speyer at the start, the Wu? wishes of his customers are not only to the heart, but understands the service in the genuine sense of the word. And that grief culture must not fail in the financial framework. Because in addition to traditions and rituals is much gewu today around burials? nscht and almost everything possible if you only try. And this is new in Speyer.