View RSS Feeds On Your Website

In the “first step” on this page, select a single RSS file from the dropdown. 3. Step bottom of the page in “Two”, you will see some options. In these options you can fill in your values or leave them at default settings.

4. Click the Update button. 5. A similar search page opens. Step down on this page, in “Three” is a code that must be installed on your website. Copy this code and paste it into a text editor. On the right side of the page you can see how food will look on your page. For more information see Eddie Mio.

6. Go to step 2 and select RSS certain other foods. Repeat steps 3-5 and have a set of codes that have been installed on your website. 7. Select the web page where you want to install RSS feeds. I suggest creating a new page exclusively for RSS feeds. 8. Deciding where on the website for the installation of RSS feed. In the HTML of the website, a paste of code channels RSS in the location you have chosen. 9. See how it looks in your RSS feeds page. You need to be connected to the network to view the feeds. You can make the necessary corrections to get the color of law. 10. Add another RSS feed of all the codes below the first. Separate each code with pauses. This will put all sources in a column. So that’s it. Simple steps. This will display some RSS feeds on your website using Java. From this starting point can be thought of installing other Java or PHP scripts to display RSS feeds of your choice. Sanjay Johari regularly contrubutes articles for various magazines. See the site for helpful information for the benefit of small business owners.