U.S. New England is famous not only an intriguing name. In a way, every state is a prominent corner of the United States. Vermont – one of the most beautiful states in the country, Massachusetts – historically known region. But the largest of the states of New England is Maine, which is well known, without exaggeration, to all lovers of cats.

But, of course, is not the only reason to visit this beautiful state, there is also interesting museums, beautiful parks, mountains and lakes. And do not be surprised if just the first question on arrival in Maine will be: "Did you know that cats Maine coon named in honor of our state?". Indeed, it is this state is considered the official birthplace of cats maine coon. Legends attribute the appearance of this breed of cat love and enotihi from which the descendants have inherited the black rims around the eyes and killing a fluffy striped tail. Males of this species are distinguished by their large size and remarkable character. But to buy a kitten as a gift will not be easy. Rather, buy something easy, but to deliver the gift at it harder. That is why please favorite child better Kotik teddy. Maine Coon of all sizes adorn the stores and just waiting for you to choose the best specimen. Maybe you will like a fluffy kitten on the remote control emitting melodious purr? Or does your child prefer classic soft toys? Whichever option you choose execution, it will distinguish the quality and realism of performance.