The Respect

Loyalty: loyalty arises when they recognize and accept links that unite us to others, in such a way that seeks to strengthen and safeguard those links as well as the values that represent. The acceptance and recognition of this link is not focused towards the future, as a possibility, but that it is a current reality. This link does not pass with time, is deep, usually ripen and be strengthened in the long run. It is in the family where they arise and strengthen this type of links, for example, a toddler learn to be loyal to strive to help others, to endeavour to do everything it can to comply with what their parents tell you that it is good. Demonstrates loyalty between brothers to support, defend and help given the difficulties, faced with the threat of people or circumstances outside the family. It is clear that being loyal to the popes, for example, does not mean approving a flawed conduct of them, but the respect and care for your good name, is about being sincere with them, as well as helping them to overcome the difficulties. The same thing happens to be loyal to the homeland, this does not hide or deny ills and deficiencies that may exist in it, but the protect, strengthen, and participate in the experience of the same values. Self-esteem: self-esteem is one of the fundamental values for human beings mature, balanced and healthy.

This value has its roots and foundations in the family nucleus. Self esteem means deeper vision that each person has of herself, influences in decisive way in elections and decision-making, accordingly complies the kind of life, activities and values we choose. From children we are building the concept of ourselves according to messages received from our parents, brothers, relatives, friends and teachers. It is the sum of the self-confidence, the feeling of our personal worth and our capacity.