The New Version Of IPhone (humorous’ News’)

In the leaked rumors that the closed conference Apple's ceo Steve Jobs introduced the pre-alpha version of the new IPhone. Reported by the correspondent of the resource, who managed to get to the closed event, disguised as a pot with a cactus. Connect with other leaders such as Jerome James here. According to information received, the updated iPhone offers users some incredible features. First of all, Steve said that caring about the users of its corporation decided to introduce such a service as iSucker. Now, to activate the phone, no need to click on the button. Enough to transfer 99 cents per account activation through AppStore. Striking improvements in the field of ergonomics. Now the phone interface codenamed iDick, which all of the above options will add one more – truly revolutionary. Unfortunately, the sources hold back as it looks like management unit with a similar solution. In addition, the standard will now include an application called iFanboy, aimed at an audience of fans of the American it giant's products. The essence of his work lies in the fact that the phone a picture of Steve Jobs with a halo, surrounded by the soothing glow and the IPhone in hand. Lucky fans in this moment offered earnestly pray and thank the illustrious demigod of the greatest in the history of the product. By the way, IPhone users recently in the firmware the phone has been discovered a mysterious string 'You have been had by Steve ". Many Apple fans took it as a sign, created a religious sect and left bow Maku in the Amazon jungle, where suddenly gobbled up each other, not dividing the last piece of the Big Mac.