The Mental

No substrate without property, any property has no effect. Knicks will not settle for partial explanations. Red is not there but one painted red car has a signal effect. Are enough doshas in the body, they become aggressive and nest in the most vulnerable organ or tissue. The first symptoms are there then. Now not unchecked, so that a person is sick, whereby the spectrum ranges from the simple ailment to the heaviest disease risk. Ayurveda is a holistic medicine simplified said immunity means the body’s ability to defend itself. The term in expanded form applies to Ayurveda, because the defense of the organism is aimed not only against bacteria and viruses, but against any adverse effect.

Ayurveda is a holistic medicine. Environmental factors that affect health, are therefore not in principle good or bad, but it depends on what state the body is. In other words: is not the Microbe everything, but the terrain where she can settle. The terrain must be disturbed for a disease may break out. This may be the fault of both physical and physical nature.

Good defenses need a healthy lifestyle for Ayurveda a healthy lifestyle is the first premise for an intact layer of immunity. A healthy lifestyle includes the dualism of rest and motion, tension and relaxation, leisure and work, sleep and wakefulness, the persistence in the tradition and the dawn of the new, experiencing and forgetting. So there are exact instructions for how much sports, say movement, for example, in the Ayurvedic training, than is healthy. In modern times a great importance sure also the mental stress of the immune system, harmful influencing the organism is not to be underestimated. A man got really sick, Ayurveda offers three options to improve the immunity: first: A suitable medicines compensates for the error. Second way: Improves the metabolism of the tissue. The cell can then even to defend himself. Third way: The fault is removed from the organism.