The Coast Of Turkey: Aegean Sea

Where the Turkey with the most beautiful is In the Northwest of Asia minor, on the Strait of the Dardanelles in the port city of Canakkale, begins one of the most fascinating landscapes in Turkey: the Aegean Sea. Their size reaches hundreds of kilometers and ends only in the extreme northwest of the country. The Internet portal introduces the popular tourist destination. From May to October/November, the best time is for a holiday on the Aegean Sea. The winter and spring months at least bathers are not recommended. For this, the temperatures of the region are unbeatable. In contrast to the hot and dry South, a pleasant Mediterranean climate prevails on the Aegean Sea. Get on the portal travel Turkish Aegean was interested in all information about the keyword tourists”.

Cesme is characterised by exclusivity and healing arts. The port city is situated with 20,000 inhabitants in the West of the Aegean, about 100 km from Izmir. Luxury holiday homes and hotels dominate the coastal town. Seduce beaches for swimming and Water sports, particularly scuba diving and surfing are popular. The many mineral springs and the very good air quality are a further important advantage of Cesme.

Guests staying in the picturesque harbour town particularly. Ephesus, about 70 km from Izmir and about 25 kilometres from the coast away, sprayed a former glory. Trade once important city and port town was founded in the eleventh century by Ionian Greeks. Witness the rich history is a famous column. The remaining piece of the Artemis Temple is one of the seven wonders of the world and is one of the most fascinating sights of the Aegean Sea. More information: magazine /…