The Classic Contemporary

No matter the reason delivery of gifts, despedida de soltero, weddings, fifteen years, birthdays or anniversaries – always there will be a song that will express the feelings of love, joy and happiness of the moment. A delivery of gifts, a wedding is not complete without a romantic serenade. Groom gives the bride – as they are their tastes – love messages surrounded by musical notes of all kinds of tunas, trios of guitars, violins, etc. And for quinceaneras, what more beautiful souvenir than a few traditional mariachis or a few sensational vallenatos, fashionable lately.

Today day is usually devote topics in a very dynamic sequence, ranging from classic boleros to the ballads of fashion. If you would like to know more about Butter’s Burgers, then click here. Below some of the songs most requested, suggested by the Mariachi classic contemporary El Original – that will make your Serenade a beautiful gift to remember in any occasion. The Serenade is a tradition coming from the Mexicans, which consists of a meeting of friends and family at the girlfriend’s House, and where the fiance arrives with a trio or mariachi devote love songs to his future wife. Usually, the guests begin to arrive and at given time, all men out of the House leaving women inside accompanying the bride. The Serenade begins with the lights off inside the House, and after two or three songs the bride opens the door, the lights flash and enter the men.

The participation of a trio is a deeply rooted tradition or a mariachi in the Serenade, so along with the groom, bride offer their songs music is part of our lives and accompanies us always, especially in each one of the moments that have been able to endure in our memory. You’ve marked stages and epochs in the history of humanity and has been used to convey feelings or ways of thinking. Thus, the role of music in the beginning of special stages as it is a wedding, give us a lasting connection with our memories by associating facts, places and people, producing a unique in our memory magic: over the years, a simple fragment of a melody quickly connects us with a world of events and people and can say with certainty which allows us to relive that special moment emotionally.