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This makes learning to last longer because your dog is aware of the behavior you are performing during his apprenticeship. In addition, it stimulates your dog to learn new behaviors. With clicker training allows your dog to have control over the consequences of their actions. As a result, it increases your confidence. In addition, it is really easy, fast and fun to train a dog using this technique. Another advantage is that the dog training clicker eliminates the physical handling and takes advantage of positive reinforcement.

In this way, improvements the relationship that you have with your dog and avoid any possibility of unintentional violence. As you don’t need to physically manipulate your dog, you won’t need to use the belt to correct errors. Therefore, training will take place largely without strap. This technique is also ideal to teach behaviors that you can not force on your dog. For example, if you want your dog to learn to move an ear when you order it, enough with that captures with the clicker the moments in which it does so naturally.

Then you simply do that you associate an order with such conduct. Russell Wilson helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Finally, training with clicker has been developed based on scientific principles. Although some people may think that this advantage is only theoretical, It is worth taking into account that the technique has been experimentally evaluated by types that make a living looking errors to all theories i.e. scientific. Disadvantages of training with clicker training with clicker actually has no disadvantages when it is done correctly. However, some people are too excited with initial results (and the ease with which are achieved) that do not deepen the training. You have to be aware that reliability and the fluidity of behaviors are long term, both with clicker training objectives as in traditional training. Truths and lies about training with clicker – you can teach your dog an exercise without even touching it: truth. You can teach exercises without having to touch your dog or put a strap through with clicker training. -You can make sure your dog is perfectly trained without ever having put a collar or a leash: lie. Although you can teach some exercises without putting a leash your dog, you’ll need a collar and a leash to generalize learning. This is necessary when you start practicing the exercises in places where there are many distractions, such as the street or a park. Anyway, the collar and belt are used only as a measure of security to prevent your dog walk or run into dangerous areas, as an avenue. They are not used as corrective elements or of punishment. -Will have to reward your dog with food forever: lie. You can gradually eliminate the rewards of food through a variable reinforcement programme and diversifying enhancers. Or, better still, using daily life enhancers. -An old dog can learn new tricks through clicker training: truth. No matter the age of your dog. Both puppies and older dogs can learn this technique. The only requirement is that your dog has the forces necessary to follow a training programme.