Tennis Coverage

Liquid acrylic sports surfaces (hard) – one of the most popular in the world. First and foremost this is due to the ideal sporting characteristics: relatively high recurrent energy coverage, combined with reasonable absorption of impact energy, high aesthetics coverage, stable rebound and speed of the ball, the set of mitigation options with varying degrees of shock absorption, matte finish, eliminating light glare specific to certain types of synthetic surfaces. Stable characteristics of rebound are achieved by using special overlying layers. During installation you can adjust the stiffness of courts: more flexible coating provides comfort and safety for novice players, professional athletes fit more hard court. Acrylic solid coatings are used on the professional (hard) and club (hard to Regupol), tennis courts, multipurpose sports fields and rollerdrome (hard without the addition of sand). According to the classification itf acrylic coatings are certified in the category '1 'Slow (slow), '2' Medium (middle) and '3 'Fast (Fast). The disadvantages of monolithic coatings include dependence operational properties of the coating and its durability on the quality of the base (usually concrete or asphalt), a rather complex technology installation, the influence of weather conditions when applying the original compositions on the open air.