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Gran Amor

Words more, words less, men and women express a desire to find a partner by then Yes: be one same. It would be wonderful that our ambition to be fulfilled. It would be great that we could make that desire so intimate that it houses the human soul. Find our other half to stay completitos. The unconscious tells us that we need to find our soul mate. That spirit made flesh, and blood, capable of knowing and recognizing everything we vibrated, love and us passionate. Songs, poetry, popular proverbs and even marketing realize this and exploit it, by the way, very well. All sorts of articles exist to tell the couple, how much love, how much we want it, and even how much, we hate it and need it! When this desire for fusion does not occur, at least all the time, a number of distress and anxiety that lead them to believe, think or act according to his fears arise from people inside.

AND then, do not understand that the possibility of joining all the time all the time, we started to despair of trying to retain our other I. . Clear that for some people would be relevant to be cooked with threads of gold, silver or even a rope, as long as the couple is on our side. Live like Siamese twins. Pegaditos. United by the head, feet, back, the place is the least important thing, it is to be set.

But the reality of life and separation is imposed all the time in the relationship. The complexity of the emotional and psychological life of human beings, does not tolerate so much chewing gum, although we want it, and by it they are willing to give life. The only time that we truly are fused, glued and symbiosis, is at the time of our pregnancy, but also ends.