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Archaeological Finds

In Scandinavia, runes remained in daily use until the XVII century, and in some places and up to XIX, talks about it numerous archaeological finds and data archives: now discovered a set of economic and trade documents XV – XVII centuries written younger runes – Norwegian, Danish and Icelandic. Why is this happening? Yes, because the runes are ideally suited for the phonetic system of the Germanic languages! In contrast to the Latin alphabet. Who learn English will understand me. But For example, the Elder Futhark runes can write in English almost 'as you hear'! Even easier to write in English nortumbriyskimi (Anglo-Saxon) runes. However, the process was inexorable: the pressure of the church rune more and more in everyday life replaced Latin, prohibit their use and study. But being forced out of everyday items runes remained in magic. And the magic of their role and even increased.

Greatest development Magic runes reached in Iceland – Reserve German paganism. Runes written charms and spells, the art of making crocheted runes (gang-PR) has developed a graphical magic, magic, magical characters or galdstavov. In Iceland is the systematic study of the runes as a writing system, and the magic of the runes, even now works runologov XV – XVII centuries are still relevant. Local witches and wizards continued to explore the magic of runes and develop it. What is the force runes, what is their appeal? In the runes are woven together magic, mythology, history, linguistics, and can not be grasped one side of the runes, not addressing all the rest.

Study of Runes, the study of magic runes enables to touch history, to know the underlying properties of the soul, touch the soul of his people and his ancestors. Yes, I have not made a reservation. Slavic and Germanic worlds were very close and are constantly interacting, so mythology, rituals and even spiritual culture of the Germanic and Slavic peoples have much in common. The magic of the runes is becoming increasingly popular as the revival of pagan traditions. Its research and development are placing more and more attention. In the Internet there are many communities and forums dedicated to just the magic of runes. The study of magic runes in the Training Center of Traditional Psychotechnologies based on the study of mythology, history and deep understanding of tradition.