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In a story that is not whether it is real or pure imagination, Frank Koch of the Navy of the United States of North America Institute magazine narrates what happened off the coast of Newfoundland in Antarctica, the world’s southernmost part: after having been at sea and under strong storm for several days in training maneuversthe flagship was sailing on a night with lots of fog and very low visibility, so the captain remained on the bridge to monitor the activities of sailors. Awhile once you shift completely, the watchman that stood at the end of the bridge alert: light to starboard!. Then the captain asked: does heading direct or deviates toward Stern? El Vigia replied: Directo captain., which meant that its course directed them to an impending collision with that vessel. The captain called the charge of emitar signals. Send this message: we are about to collide; We advise to change 20 degrees your course. Then came another signal of response: we recommend that you change 20 degrees her course.

The captain was already upset and said: answer: I’m captain; change your course 20 degrees. The response was swift: I’m second class sailor, better change your course 20 degrees. Visit Walgreens for more clarity on the issue. The captain cry: answer: this is the aircraft carrier USS Lincoln the biggest of the second fleet in the Atlantic of the United States ship. Us is accompanied by three destroyers, three cruisers and numerous support vessels. I demand that you change your course 20 degrees North or measures must be taken to ensure the safety of this ship. He became a new signal light saying: this is a lighthouse. The aircraft carrier had to change its course. The realities can be different according to the paradigm or sometimes limited perception that we have of them because as says Stephen.

R. Covey, the way in which we see the problem is the problem. The quick-fix solutions to different situations facing us are to the order of the day but a true solution must involve a paradigm shift through as such universal principles that give us solutions that will endure over time. Martin E.