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Viral marketing refers to certain online marketing techniques that have as purpose propagate certain information about a product or service on a massive scale, as if it were a computer virus. There are several ways viral marketing although the most common and well-known is what we call the mouth-to-mouth – mouth (Word-of-mouth), which has demonstrated its effectiveness on several occasions, as it may be the case of the million dollar page. This phenomenon (viral marketing) sometimes includes the use of apparently independent blogs, to spread the news of a new product or service. This makes that the information that you want to propagate, seems that it is offered by third parties in a manner objective and credible, which means a significant saving in costs of advertising for the company. The idea with this, is simply that people discussed what lean to others through conversations, blogs, websites, etc. Viral marketing is popular because of the ease of executing their marketing campaigns, at a relatively low cost (compared with other forms of marketing), and often with a response of large proportions. The strength of viral marketing is to obtain a large number of people interested at a low price.