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Comparisons between private and statutory health insurance is absolutely necessary. All people can be recorded in the private health insurance, which belong to the professional groups of the freelancers, self-employed and civil servants. Employees can free themselves from the statutory health insurance”, if the annual income is 49950 euros. As in the statutory health insurance in recent years significant cuts have occurred, so that the insured itself must raise much money, so that different treatments can be made or as well as for medicines, so the private health insurance is considerably better to classify. Also, the cost of private health insurance are not as high as some people always claim.

The base tariff, which covers also the services offered by the statutory health insurance is only as high as the maximum amount of statutory health insurance also. However, here the benefits for insured persons can be felt. Services are better at each doctor’s visit and also at given any hospitalization. The people who want to ensure even better, that can use the extensions to the private health insurance. So, far better services are already possible for little money. The providers differ in prices and in the services, therefore, is a health insurance comparison very useful. So the health insurance can be found, which corresponds to your needs, covering all claims and which can offer a good price.

Hanseatic League

Based on the private Krankenversicherung (PKV) means this typical example: when and where is the insurance protection (scope and extensions), which doctors can I choose both ambulatory as well as stationary and which remedies are insured? What tools contains the tariff and do I me doing worse than in the statutory health insurance (GKV) currently? What amounts to open or hidden excesses can I afford financially? But as it is now with the “best price”, the MediVita of the Gothaer insurance? This is rather the individual House or rather that with the holes in the roof? The tools are a good example for this. (As opposed to olympics). So the wording there is: 3.3 AIDS are glasses, contact lenses, hearing aids, speech devices, supporting apparatus, orthotics and shoes, Bandages, trusses, elastic stockings and prostheses prescribed against defacing and crippling, wheelchairs. Is it well? And now you think please of the ominous tools guarantee of the Gothaer. The these no contractual relationship has, is sufficiently documented in my blog posts and the correspondence tools guarantee the Gothaer insurance. But with what House does the second alternative, the tariff of CVD of the Hanseatic League compare mercury? Here first, the formulation of tools: 1.4 90% AIDS as AIDS shall apply exclusively: bandages; the trusses from medical stores, body binding and elastic stockings, orthopedic hull -, arm – and leg brace, orthopedic shoes, deposits and shoe modifications; Orthoses and prostheses, in functional standard version; Home dialysis equipment and wheelchairs.

Hearing and speaking AIDS are up for a charge of EUR 1,000.00 per insured event recoverable. or even an interesting formulation in the area of dental prosthesis and orthodontics recoverable in the context of this medically necessary treatment are Zahn(ersatz)Leistungen: 3.2 continue dental laboratory work and materials, as far as they are listed in the list of prices and performance of the insurer and are calculated in relation to the stated limits. The insurer may amend the list of prices and performance, to the reimbursement of reasonable costs for dental services ( 9 GOZ) to make sure. And since “can” not “must” means, but you already know that. And mostly follows the argument that the insurer now or just where my acquaintance / friend / colleague is insured, which is so accommodating and very satisfied there are insured. Then, you should question exactly what services were already included in claim and how and when the settlement was made.

A statement “I am happy” by someone who never had anything, is not so much value and therefore irrelevant. To the Topic grace you need more explanations in the blog post “I want a health insurer, which is accommodating”. Conclusion: Statements that a tariff is the best, are not as durable. The best rate not there, because far too many selection criteria are to be observed and provide many areas with different claims, that there is no “best” tariff. A collective good for me personally, must be a long not the necessary cover you and therefore “good”. Take time when selecting and what selection criteria are important and which claims you to very carefully consider. What is alone portable and financially to cope with? The glasses or pro rata the dentures already, the tool for several ten thousand dollars might not.