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As Do A Page Or Website Flashy

We always want to design something but we don’t know how to make it attractive or look good, them dare some tips on how to design a website so that you can see great by more simple than this and is appealing to the public. First of all because you must take into account that type of web you want, if only one web page, a web site (many pages web enlasadas), wiki, blog or forum. Once defined the type of website you have to have good clear the environment with this I mean that you dealt with your page if of politics, sports, advertising, etc. Connect with other leaders such as Doug McMillon here. Suppose that you chose to make a website about outer space or something related, is veriabien a black background with a Sun as a watermark with a script that has the Meteor effect and usually centered tables with the information there, se ven bien a horizontal top table with drop-down menus that would come to be rollovers, some animations or static images but showy, text that do not damage the view and go according to the colors occupied previously. If we make a website, never put the information on the cover, put several menus for that from the main page go to the other pages, they may wonder because?, first if it is a site, it usually is pesadoy if the first worksheet slow to open the user does not wait and will open another page, second, the joke is to view the entire site not only the main page then recorreran thus the entire site in search of information seeking. In conclusion the web has to go according to the environment, clear information and easy to see in the eyes, nothing stirred, ocmbinaciones colors that do not damage the view of preference opaque colors or low light always put something animated at the top to draw attention. Well those were some recommendations for a successful web hope have served it.