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The Priestess Tarot Cards

THE Priestess PRIESTESS the sum represents the ability to let things happen. Represents the perfect woman and the essence of any femininity, although not precisely of the feminine in the romantic sense.It is a passive principle; It is the ability to be driving, and wait. It symbolizes women’s thinking, the instinctive certainty that only recognizes something when it feels. A related site: Joe Stillman mentions similar findings. The High Priestess protects the deep mystery surrounding life and death. This letter appears before the threat of distress, which leads to act the subject at the wrong time. Visit Walt Dohrn for more clarity on the issue. It is a letter which bears symptoms of rigor and severity, governs with common moral judgement.Right: to interpret this letter will consider two different slopes, on the one hand speaks of a balanced person, things clear, meaningful practical, serene, with a tendency to intuitive, insightful, educated perception, objectively, is a be endowed for education because there are many knowledge and is of easy Word. On the other hand, on a slope more social communication with others, It may appear selfish, slightly retracted, which loves the Platonic relationships, prevents great passions, more generically the letter shows the condition of passivity necessary for the development of our spiritual abilities, it instills confidence, gives security, but to achieve the knowledge required more perseverance, struggle with one key mismoPalabras: patience, silence, discretion, reserve, meditation, modesty, resignation and piety. Thoughtful decision.Reversed: The appearance of this upside down in our exhibition box letter, speaks of ignorance or laziness toward the effort required to reach the knowledge, ideas and opinions surface, for not wanting to reach the merits of the case, mediocrity in sum, also indicates presumption, that presumption of the mediocre, of the selfish, which believes that only theirs is good.Keywords: dissimulation, hidden intentions, resentment, laziness, intolerance, fanaticism.

It becomes heavy and passive, is like a burden. Delay, tension and awkwardness in relations. Decision inmeditada.Interpretations: In concrete terms: undisclosed future, hidden influences in action. It is favorable to women and children.At work: learning applies henceforth, potential rise.In money: time of stagnation by possible legal impediments, promises a good omen. In friendship: good relations with which you share various activities where shines with sensuality and dazzles with vanity.

Family: meetings and family tips where you can see lucky / or. Health: take care of the skull and face. In love: little passionate but loyal feelings are. Love is more mental than physical.


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