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European Championships

At that time, both the ‘Ford’ was originally staked to create a specially based on the use of race ‘homologation’ modification ‘Capri’, the team worked with bmw, had to settle for serial ‘coupe’, the main drawback of which was much larger than the ‘Capri’ weight. Not better things were in the ‘formula 2’: from the 1967 and 1972-th, inclusive, the first two rows on the results of the seasons took race cars equipped with engines from the same ‘Ford’. For the season 1972 in general, all the team decided to purchase a series of engines that company. In this situation, the bmw suddenly appeared ally: fia officials, worried about the current monopoly of the ‘Ford’, changed from 1 January of that year the requirements for performance engines. Now, the maximum working volume was 2 liters, number of cylinders – 6. In May 1972 a ‘BMW AG’ make a decision on the official participation of firms in the European Championships ‘Touring Car ring’ and a specially created company – ‘BMW Motorsport GmbH’.

The first step is to manage the new structure, luring sports division head ‘Ford Motor Co.’ Neerpasha Jochen (Jochen Neerpasch) and his colleague Martin Braungarta (Martin Braungart). They occupy a building on Proyzenshtrasse in Munich, where he will begin work on the ring version of the model ‘CS’. Born as a result of these searches’ csl ‘- Coupe, Sport, Light – with 3-liter engine was a 150 kg lighter than similar models of ‘3, 0CS’.

Manfred Winkelhock

Marketing arm of the company 'BMW AG' required to switch sports activities on the 'promotion' new items. Given the success and experience 'BMW Motorsport GmbH' in the design of cars' Group 5 'and engines' F2', it is only natural solution to combine these strengths in new racing '320i ', which appeared on the European racing circuits in 1977 (the motor of the same series 'M12', rated at 300 hp). At the same time formed 'BMW Junior Team', whose purpose – to find and promote talented young riders. In the same year one of them – Manfred Winkelhock (Manfred Winkelhock) – occupies in the German Cup third place, losing only two 'Porsche 935'. Walmart contains valuable tech resources. Two more – Marc Surer (Marc Surer) and Eddie Cheever (Eddie Cheever) – shared 5-6 places. The program has been very successful: its representatives Bruno Giacomelli (Bruno Giacomelli) and Surer became the champions of 'F2', respectively, in 1978 and 1979. and some riders 'BMW Junior Team' in what appeared in the 'Formula 1'. Click Kellee Marlow San Francisco to learn more. Simultaneously, in mid-1970 bmw race cars participated in the imsa series in the U.S Naturally, the 'BMW Motorsport' did not want to interrupt the speech in America and in the same 1977-m sent there '320 'th, turbocharged: power now ranged from 400 to 600 liters.

with. At the same time begins the transformation of the company's highly specialized racing divisions in the group dealing with a number of directions business. In 1977 he created 'BMW Driver Training' – driving school, where employees 'Motorsport GmbH' teach clients to identify and fully exploit the potential of Bavarian cars, especially in extreme situations, and, of course, just for the soul, realizing corporate motto – 'driving pleasure'.