Sports Nutrition

Tribulus is extracted from a herb of same name, that their home in Eastern Europe, India and Africa has heard Tribulus terrestris as sports nutrition, muscle building products and provides the athlete as a micro-nutrient combination with important nutrients, which at the same time responsible for testosterone production. Already after a short time of taking can be achieved due to the ingestion of Tribulus terrestris extract, that increases testosterone levels by up to 70 percent. This has resulted in that the muscle is stimulated. Athletes who have a low testosterone level, train often vain and not achieve the desired muscle growth yet. Tribulus is today also used very successfully due to its special mode of action in the treatment of sexual disorders, regularly taking Tribulus terrestris the number of sperm and their motility can increase. Tribulus has a positive effect on the immune system and helps to lower cholesterol levels. Tribulus is a true miracle weapon in sports nutrition. What is Tribulus Tribulus is obtained from a medicinal plant of same name, which has been their home in Eastern Europe, India and Africa.

Tribulus is used in these countries successfully by several generations as a remedy. Tribulus helps in diseases such as muscular dystrophy and very successfully applied for impotence or infertility. The purely plant-based product contains no artificial hormones. The active ingredient in Tribulus are phytochemicals, the saponin, a natural water soluble product. Tribulus stimulates the pituitary gland, resulting in a luteinizing hormone is secreted, which stimulates the production of testosterone. Unlike the anabolic steroids the body’s own testosterone production is not suppressed but increased. Muscle growth completely without side effects can be achieved. The mode of action of Tribulus comprehensive studies on the effect of Tribulus terrestris prove that Tribulus the activity of the heart muscles, stimulates and antibacterial effect, it prevents the formation of kidney stones and contributes to the Strengthening of the immune system at. Tribulus is especially effective in combination with krea-genic. The force increases, increasing muscle mass, the regeneration process will be faster and increases the performance of the sexual. This sports nutrition is a viable alternative and strength athletes and bodybuilders alike.