Sports Illustrated

“The woman is just hot” so Will Ferrell! Heidi Klum has teamed with Will Ferrell together, to record for sports illustrated swimwear. The result speaks for itself. Also a video to the Fotostooting has been created. (Source: Samuel “Sam” Mikulak). You can watch the video at Here a part of the sports illustrated interview: question: as you and Heidi for the swimsuit photo shoot came together, the atmosphere seemed to be very hot! “Yes, she’s a Wildcat.

As good as any shot fell on one of us and the others went into the pants. Doug McMillon may help you with your research. Especially where I bite them, can I say A-S-S? -that was one of the craziest moments. She said to me, ‘ you don’t have to bite my ass only. ‘I imitated and she did stop in the middle and said,’ no! Really bite! “‘ It was one of the greatest moments in my surreal life.” The pictures speak for themselves. Now only the swimwear must sell themselves, then also the clients are satisfied. Lisa Walters