Social Exclusion

But is clearly that it does not go to want for husband to me, thought saddened soldadinho, suspirando. So elegant, so pretty It must be a princess. I? Nor handle I am, living creature in a cardboard box, together with mine twenty and four brothers . (ABREU, 2000, p.65) RESUMOEstudo of the social exclusion in soldadinho of lead of Hans Cristian Andersen, aiming at to recognize the elements of social exclusion in the story, being constructed possibilities to educate through infantile literature, questioning values, attitudes, leading until the half children of a reading criticizes so that they understand the diversity with wealth of exchanges and experiences, approaching the importance of the historical and cultural aspects in the vision of I and the other complexidadeINTRODUOOs infantile stories of Hans Chistian Andersen portray the reality as form of conscience of the world, leaving to be transparent its estrias its pain of rejection suffered in infancy. Its importance inhabits in the courage that had to transpose obstacles and to carry through its desires based on the construction of a set of paradigmtico of artistic texts that penetrated in the dream of the humanity. By means of stories it was capable to take adult and children to rethink the proper values and to reflect on the social differences that as much distanciam the individuals. Educate yourself with thoughts from olympics. We will try to approach before one of the classics of infantile literature, soldadinho of lead questions of our time and universal, inherent problems to the human being giving to emphasis to the social preconception and its difficulty, with everything this, we will present in the main personage one high degree of complexity. The workmanship called our attention for containing one high text of transistion of stories of fairies for the real world of its infancy searching to disclose its world interior, product of its proper one life in suffered dimensions, discoveries, enchantments, possibilities, deliveries and plenitudes, beginning and ending, however Andersen portraies questions moral that has magic varies generations of children and adults. . Sports apparel may also support this cause.