Scandinavian Ornament

In the Nordic countries: Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland – the summers are short and winters long and harsh. May, therefore, the traditional warm clothes inhabitants of these countries have long adorned the image of snowflakes that look like flowers. However, at peasant clothes you could see other designs: geometric patterns, stylized deer, angular characters, so similar to the mysterious runes. Learn more at: Roland Garros. Figures on knitted things will never be repeated, and each needlewoman knitted sweaters, hats, mittens, leggings and socks in the ancient samples, to get her from her grandmother and great-grandmother. Originally clothes knitted in gray wool and white ornaments vyvyazyvali. Later, these patterns became popular blue-blue scale: it reminded us of the blue sea, blue – the sky and ice, and white – on the gleaming snow.

It is difficult to say who first drew attention to this kind of thing with great pictures, but one thing is clear already at the beginning of last century, they began to be used in sportswear. After all, this jersey was created just for skaters, skiers and skaters, it is well warmed, not paralyzed traffic, but also looked impressive against the backdrop of ice rinks and snowy landscapes. Clothing stores in different countries offers various options for such products – for both men and women, adults and children of all ages. However, we can not say that such models stormed the podium, decades, they occupied only a modest place in the sports collections. And only recently the Scandinavian pattern has drawn the attention of the big fashion. Recognized design houses such as Dolce & Gabbana, Cloe, Prada included in their shows superb along with North patterns.

And not only modest sweaters and hats – decorated with drawings vyvyazannye chic cardigans, sexy dresses, sweaters, stoles gorgeous, voluminous jackets and even a tight-fitting leggings. Changed and the colors of these products: the traditional blue-and-blue scale complemented with bright colors, especially red and black. Maybe they look more aggressive but also more expressive. Designers boldly used clothing with Scandinavian ornaments in a variety of combinations, even combining it with a light silk dress. Fashion ideas were quickly picked up collections pret-a-porter, and now in any mall you can find many similar products. They are suitable for anyone wishing to combine comfort and style, in fact, along with Scandinavian designs are not only fashionable and beautiful, but also great protection against the most fierce cold.