Decorative embroidery and is still used to decorate clothing. Nowadays, sewing perfectly joined together in traditional and contemporary creativity. Just do not be amiss explore with students what the pattern, rapport, the types of ornaments, embroidery technique, types of stitches. All this knowledge will help to create an aesthetically beautiful, comfortable and original things. In order for there knowledge in lectures students study the species, embroidery technique, sketched, study schemes perform manual stitch, write a phased sequence of their implementation, study materials, tools, equipment for sewing. Embroidery techniques are very diverse, although preference is given to Richelieu and smooth surface. Get all the facts and insights with Frank Ntilikina, another great source of information. Embroidery light silk, linen, thin cotton is widely used various kinds of merezhek, openwork embroidery and loins net.

Popular form of decoration is a decorative applique, which stands out with color or contrast of the product surface, velvet, satin or shimmer with metallic thread. For clothing use braid, cord, silk yarn, worsted, floss, wool and synthetic yarn, textiles, natural and artificial suede, leather, paint, lace, sequins, beads, pearls and glass beads. In practical classes using the schema and records, and also clearly shown in the teacher performance techniques of embroidery, students learn to perform a variety of stitches at first, and then try to apply them in the embroidery of any ornament, pattern, motif. Skill comes only after how many times a student doing embroidery by different techniques. It is necessary not only to choose the right, place a figure on the product, but also to choose the color, size, pattern and material, which will be executed embroidery.

Embroidery to embellish a product to complement it. A sense of proportion, sense of beauty should help. Not for nothing that such a thing as aesthetics studied not only in school but in high school. Fashion – capricious young woman is that force people dance to its tune. Why forced? Factories, companies, fashion houses, producing clothing, sewing items relevant to the current, next season and we are forced to buy what they sell. To justify or to support the fashion to say that she become more democratic, give us freedom of choice and allows you to express individuality in design, finish the costume. Students can easily decorate your costume, getting the knowledge, skills in arts and crafts, namely embroidery.