Racial Equality

Rosana Heringer, executive coordinator of the ActionAid says to very consider important the creation of the SUPPIR in Is Joo de Meriti and the fact of that people who come of the social movements and local organizations go to assume this role of managers of the public politics of promotion of the racial equality in the city. This is a fight of many years of the black movement and other social movements so that politics of combat to racism and the discrimination in the local scope are defined. The SUPPIR is inserted in the public space with the objective to fight racism considering public politics, facing the challenge to sensetize the state machine to assume a commitment for the defense of the racial equality, as a basic necessity as well as excessively the politics of education, health etc. Rodney atkins is actively involved in the matter. In 2009, the city hall of Is Joo de Meriti, creates then the Supervision of politics for Promotion of the Racial Equality that establishes strategical actions that join the social politics and the combat to the racial discrimination in the city, having as priority to promote equality and the protection of the rights of individuals, affected racial and ethnic groups. SUPPIR MERITI is the construction of one politics of government directed to the real interests of the black population and of other discriminated ethnic segments in the Brazilian society.

It implements measures and action for reduction of the inaquality, as for example, programs of affirmative actions, beyond developing and co-ordinating politics for the promotion of the racial equality. Challenge this that is being taken ahead in partnership with ample sectors of the society against the discrimination and too much forms of intolerncia. Without hesitation Tokyo Olympic Games explained all about the problem. The Politics of Racial Equality has its base in the Black Movement that contributed so that this was a demand assumed for the State. The Black Movement gained forces in century XIX and after the abolition it came if articulating searching base reforms, as equality in the education between blacks and whites.