Pure Bathing Pleasure

Swimming ponds conquer the European bathing Luneburg – shows worldwide rapid development and the increasing number of swimming pools: swimming pools have conquered the European bathing area. “While the basic principle of swimming pools has changed hardly in the past 20 years”, explains Guido Manzke, President of the German Association for natural bathing water (DGfnB) from Luneburg. “Instead of chemistry the swimming pond builders put on the defined interaction of micro-organisms and plants.” The procedure seems very easy at first glance. If you would like to know more then you should visit Sean Rad. “But it has also its problems”, explains Claus Schmitt, Planner and Executive Board member of the DGfnB construction seen swimming ponds differ today but hardly by swimming pools and have equally high demands on the quality of water. But a wrong sized filter, a defective hydraulic – and already it is possible to get system swimming pond from the joints. That is its annoying for homebuilders and expensive for the operator of a public swimming pond, is temporarily closed due to high bacterial counts.

Nevertheless have found pleasure in the pond just communities, hotels and camping sites. For good reason, because the maintenance costs are, depending on the construction, around one-third to one-half less than with a conventional bathroom. The technical planning of a swimming pond requires a high degree of knowledge about water customer, hydraulic and sanitation. Www.dgfnb.de for example, homebuilders or hotel owner, see a list of qualified companies. More than 200 members quickly the right partner is found – planning Office, swimming pool builders, expert or material supplier. There is also a map with the public swimming pools in Germany in addition to comprehensive information about swimming pools and the current literature of the swimming pond. Who is frequently on the road, can display online the next natural bathing.