Publisher Edition Valley Mountain

Jorn Pfennig presents now – just in time for the 30th anniversary – his bestsellers “Tender for no reason” as a successful author, with a total circulation of over one million books, Jorn spiked now presents a new edition of his poetry bestseller “Baseless tenderly”, since its first publication in 1979 selling over 300,000 copies. That it was then down to him, is as it were self-inflicted, he separated but after long collaboration by Heyne Verlag, when which was acquired by Bertelsmann. The rebirth of the poetry volume “Baseless tenderly” is now – just in time to the 30th anniversary – on new ways in cooperation with the young Publisher Edition Valley Mountain, the are the modern methods of online printing and Internet sales serviced, his books but also traditional markets through bookshops. Biden will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Penny texts still is as up-to-date, reflected in their diverse presence on the Internet. Quoted in countless private sites, commented on and discussed in numerous forums, develop their unbroken effect – almost cross-generational. Friedrich Hades Edition Talberg.