Piercing – Spears, Aguilera, Stefani & Co – Old Tradition In Modern Garb

Bodypointing – the new way to Pierce – a piercing is totally said young people with Rhinestones Swarovski or unique. At the navel, eyebrows, ears or in many other places, it is not only eye-catching but also as a signal to the environment of the carrier. “Reduced to a simple statement means wearing a piercings: I’m confident and I like my body, and if the piercing and other don’t like it on me, that’s not my problem.” The piercing as we know it today, is, what may surprise many people in Western culture not new phenomenon. The nipple piercing was known in Europe in earlier centuries. This form of body culture however largely remained a fashion limited on small courtly circles. Only piercing the earlobes was also previously within the society a certain spread, has been cultivated but mostly by the hippies in the 60’s of the 20th century and later taken over by all walks of life. In other cultures and ethnicities were already thousands of years ago various skin and body is pierced and fitted with traditional body jewelry.

It had these piercing practices not only a decorative function, but were often also the distinction to other tribes or symbolic representation of a certain social status. In Western culture, piercing from the mid-1990s has been gaining in popularity and is now firmly established as a fashionable and cultural phenomenon in society. Especially in the youth culture, piercing is a widespread phenomenon that has always bizarre flowers. A nose ear or tongue piercing is today not too big deal. Piercing in the genital area, and that both women and men, is a not necessarily everyday phenomenon. Here, manifested certain sexual desires, likes and fantasies and underline the importance of sex in connection with certain forms of aesthetic perception of the body. All forms of body piercing vouch certain dangers and risks if the Implementation of the cut is not professionally made. Infections, pain and scars formation here often are due to lax handling.

Physical defense reactions to components of the jewelry can occur. For those who like body jewelry, but various reasons don’t trust pierced to make a different kind of body jewelry can be recommended. A body jewelry that flexible is perfect in handling, painlessly and without any damages. There is talk of the Bodypointing. At the Bodypointing, rhinestones (by Swarovski, unique, or other manufacturers) are placed on the desired parts of the body. Using a particular skin glue, the coated rhinestones can easily be attached and removed upon request to the body. Here no limit is set of creativity. Face or body can be gepointet according to their own ideas, without injury or wound care. Also, there are already finished rhinestone tattoos, where you must buy extra not a glue to do so (www.gogoritas.com/ 2160_deu.html or index.php…) The whole world around the rhinestone and much more in Internet shops or. Look past. L. Christensen