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The Balearic Government presented Tuesday its appeal against the car of the TSJC. Unions and parents convene concentrations on September 12. The TSJC said that car yea affects educational immersion model. Platform Som Escola, which groups all trade unions and associations of parents, has summoned concentrations before all the Catalan city councils the next September 12, first day of the school year, against the car of the TSJC which obliges to include Spanish as a vehicular language in education. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of NBA on most websites. The entity, involving also civic organizations and platforms for the Catalan language, has appealed to citizens to attend these concentrations in the catalan educational model dnsa. The President of Omnium Cultural, Muriel Casals, has called to all citizens, in the presentation of the call, to concentrate to express his support for the educational model that is running, allows that there are no exclusions and makes it possible that there is equality of opportunities for all our young people.

Casals also has dndido the legitimacy of the Parliament to decide the educational model: the highest authority in our country is the Parliament of Catalonia; There is no other authorities that may come in to tell us how you have to teach. Are we that we decided how we want to what is taught and wish to reaffirm us in this will. Muriel has opposed democratic legitimacy, the will of the people of Catalonia expressed in our Parliament and endorsed by the good performance of the model to the legalistic formulations. SOM Escola has also urged all the municipalities of Catalonia to approve a motion in favour of the model of linguistic immersion in catalan and announced the placement of a banner with the motto a language, a school, a country in all the Catalan schools from the beginning of course. Families against the current model on the other hand, the spokesman for families who have resorted to the Court top of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) catalan school pattern, Francisco Caja, he has said that despite the Auto Court, the Generalitat, the Camano Minister and President of the TSJC insist that Castilian follow being excluded in Catalonia.