Pamela Anderson

Rumored to be Chriss Angel the reason for Pamela Anderson’s divorce, but this raises some doubts. Chriss Angel could be the cause for the separation of Pamela Anderson and her still husband Rick Salomon. Pamela filed for divorce last week, but she returned a short time later divorce and let it be known that both have “different things” to work. Page six reported that Rick Salomon is freaked out when he learned that Pamela and Chriss Angel had been together at a party. This dispute was also probably the reason for the temporary separation. A source reported: “it was still only a marriage on paper.

The relationship is so eventful that I’m sure, that the common evening of Chriss and Pamela was just the beginning. The two will meet again “.” Now, it was revealed that Pamela has it finally filed for divorce. Reason should be the jealousy of Rick. Pamela Anderson and Chriss Angel no, Chriss Angel you can not blame for the separation Pamela and Rick. The reason is simply that lead both just a very crazy life, where both want to play the first violin. We see how it will evolve. I’m sure we will be kept up to date.