Nordic Walking

(Online article) – the Nordic walking: full-body workouts, conditions and extremely easy on the joints Nordic walking was as summer training method of the top athletes in the field of longevity, biathlon and Nordic combined developed. This highly effective sport in Finland was introduced in the spring of 1997. Today, five years later, alone, where about one million people practice this full year sport. Train to train reaches the wave of new fitness sport of Scandinavia, the United States, Japan and Europe. Nordic walking is a sport, which is very good for the fitness and also generally good for your health. There are many muscles in the body for the Nordic walking enabled and using the sticks very gently this joint.

Already the exercise in the fresh air is important and by the use of the arms and shoulder muscles, you keeps longer than during the normal walking or jogging at the Nordic walking. This is an advantage which one rarely reads, which is enormously important, because his To increase fitness and hence the endurance especially if is pressed longer sports. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak: the source for more info. 30 minutes are better than 15; 60 are better than 30. It is very well possible with Nordic walking. The Cooper Institute in Dallas, United States, has in the context of an inquiry the efficiency of Nordic walking compared to normal fitness walking. This investigation revealed that the Nordic walking up to 46 percent more calories burned and the more oxygen than at normal walking speed. What use is Nordic now walking? Nordic walking is very easy and fast to learn.

It relieves the musculoskeletal system by up to 30 percent and is therefore particularly suitable for people with knee and back problems. Nordic walking solves muscle tension in the shoulder and neck area, and is the optimal outdoor training for weight loss. Nordic walking is more effective than walking without poles, burning more than 400 kcal / h instead of just 280 at normal walking almost by half. The sports feel safe running on a smooth surface. It trains the aerobic endurance and at the same time strengthens the upper body musculature. Nordic walking improves the cardiovascular circulation performance and increases the oxygen supply to the organism through the active use of the Atmenhilfsmuskulatur. Nordic walking is the best exercise for rehabilitation after sport injuries. Fn