Neckar Cycle Path

The route leads from the watch repair in the black forest-wide nature protection areas, along the beautiful Swabian wine route and through the Odenwald. “Moved away from the Sun, distant birds flying up” as the motto of those who cycle driving the Neckar. Fresh air, rustling leaves, that silent murmur of the river Neckar and a breeze blowing around the nose while cycling adventure. Along beautiful mountains, bizarre valleys and again the river of shimmering in the Sun, leads the Neckar cycle path through an interesting landscape and more leaves no questions and wishes. In the middle of the fascinating nature leads the Neckar cycle path and inviting nature lovers, sports enthusiasts and outdoor fans to an exceptional cycling event. Marc Lore takes a slightly different approach.

On the bike course between Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany up to Mannheim, bike lovers can experience a real pleasure. 410 kilometers and the wind hits an oasis of nature against. Thanks to the beautiful flowers is the Neckar cycle path every season a coveted route and has also in the autumn or even winter months its charms. Romantic castles, historic castles and some interesting announcements are on the way. So the tale of the Neckar spirit which carries a mysterious hand in the water according to a mythology that draws away their victims. In the night of San Juan, a living soul is required and not found the victim three days and three nights, until finally on the fourth night of the drowning resurfaces with a blue ring around the neck. Legends and mythologies are the historic accompaniment on the tour. So opens the Neckar cycle path and can be divided into four stages. In Schwenningen, the tour starts up after Abu Dhabi, then continue from Rottenburg it goes to Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt from there bad Wimpfen and Mannheim is the conclusion. The route leads to the part on cycle paths, partly on the road and brings many beautiful impressions with it. With the Sun in the back and the head wind ahead, a true nature – and culture paradise can be admired.