Medicine and Babies

It all depends on inviting: how do you decide it will. Chris Miller understood the implications. If you do not want a huge crowds of visitors, one half of which is only at your wedding for the first time will see another – and not necessary. Comes not from the fact 'that people will say,' and their own interests and desires: this is, after all, your wedding and decide who will be on it present, only you. Perhaps best of all, if victory will be in the circle of relatives and closest friends. If they do not have to 'make a person' and try not to show the approaches sudden nausea or mood swings – in pregnancy is in fact quite common. Them without any voltage may be asked to smoke only in a certain place or on the street. If they can safely and openly reject unwanted for you food.

Therefore, Suppose you are surrounded only a loving and friendly person. Feast When it comes to the feast, the first obvious question – is how much alcohol you can take and can I do? Medicine believes that development of the baby affects the constant use of alcohol. So at his own wedding you may well afford a glass of champagne in his honor, and then sip throughout the festivities 'pull' wineglass Light red or white wine. In order not to overeat – that in a prolonged meal almost inevitably – to determine in advance how much and what you can afford. And then stick to the set limits. Try not to eat salted, smoked, fatty or spicy foods. Wedding table in your situation also does not excuse the first time to try some exotic dishes: do not know how your body reacts to the culinary delights and how they affect the baby. Also, define for yourself how much you can afford to be, so to speak, rolling on a holiday: it is possible to dance until you drop is not for you. Based on his status, medical condition, date and course of their pregnancy. On the other hand, do not ever, and with dread to think what can not, calmly think over everything you can, and – most rejoice his most happy state in life!