Literature Instrument

Changeable conclusion of reader for reader, as well as of the reader stops with he himself, however lived deeply a new context and developed new knowledge. Finally, we could not omit the catrtica function that is inherent to literature. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Rooney family. Since, through catarse the citizen is isolated of the real world, having as shelter the fictitious universe fed of all its desires and although joined that one that we assign ' ' real' ' , it is constructed passively. Catarse sufficiently comes close to the evasion, being catarse on the expulsion of feelings, thoughts and, therefore, carried through from an escape for a idealized reality. The expurgation he would be well on to the writer, but not if esquiva the reader, as co-author of the text, to banish everything that suffocates to it in its daily one. From the carried through ranks already, we can say that Literature acts in the formation of the man, but does not have to be used as a mere pedagogical instrument, in the intention to establish norms, behaviors and ideology. As Candido (2002) it reaffirms the humanity of the man.

Not ' ' edifica' ' nor ' ' corrompe' ' principles, but integrate the reality of subject to the other that if establishes according to in a constructed plan that this already knows. in this appreciation to recognize the literary text as instrument to educate, by means of an election of workmanships that bring moral examples of a good behavior and principles, most of the time, loses its value estticoe is reproduced only in a pragmatic perspective. Before everything, literature is art and as such ' ' it provides a species of framing that outside places of the world of the reality the affirmation contained in obra.' ' (WELLEK; WARREN, 1971 P. 30). Therefore, it will have to be apprehended, basically, in this aesthetic conception.